2014-2015 Season

First round of tournaments will be played at Road Branch Sat. Feb 28th and Sun. March 1st. The Semi-Finals will be played at Oceana on March 7 and Championship games will be played at Oceana on March 8


#1 O. Orange 9-0
#2 O. Yellow 7-2
#3 B. Grey 7-3
#4 O. Lime 4-4
#5 RB Black 3-6
#6 GF Tigers 1-8
#7 RB Orange 1-8





#1 RB Black 7-1
#2 B. Blue 6-2
#3 B. Grey 5-2
#4 RB Orange 4-3
#5 O. Orange 4-3
#6 O. Yellow 4-4
#7 O. Lime 3-4
#8 B. Black 2-5
#9 GF Lions 2-5
#10 GF Tigers 0-8





#1 B. Black 6-1
#2 O. Lime 6-1
#3 O. Orange 5-2
#4 RB Orange 4-2
#5 GF Lions 3-4
#6 O. Yellow 2-5
#7 B. Grey 1-6
#8 RB Black 0-7



Mission Statement

It is the mission of Oceana Iddy Biddy Buddy Basketball League (OIBB) to provide and promote a safe, recreational basketball program for the youth of Oceana and its surrounding communities. To this end, OIBB, encourages good sportsmanship, developing strong playing skills, and promoting friendly relationships among the players, coaches, referees and parents.


Oceana Iddy Biddy Buddy Basketball League

For nearly twenty years the Oceana Iddy Biddy Buddy  Basketball League has been providing an excellent opportunity for boys and girls to learn about and enjoy the wonderful game of basketball. Over the years, the league has continued to grow and serves boys and girls, ranging in ages from kindergarten through fifth grade. The league strives to maintain as its primary goal, to provide a fun, safe, recreational environment to play basketball.


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